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Study on the Decomposition Mechanism of C4F7N/N2 Gas Mixture
傅明利1 陈 曦2 陈柔伊2 王 琦2 卓 然1 王邸博1张晓星3 李 祎3
(1. 南方电网科学研究院有限责任公司, 广州 510663; 2. 中国南方电网有限责任公司, 广州 510663; 3. 武汉大学, 武汉 430072)
FU Mingli1 CHEN Xi2 CHEN Rouyi2 WANG Qi2 ZHUO Ran1 WANG Dibo1ZHANG Xiaoxing3 LI Yi3
(1. Electric Power Research Institute, CSG, Guangzhou 510663, China; 2. China South Power Grid International Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 510663, China; 3. Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China)
C4F7N/N2 ReaxFF?MD 分解机理 SF6替代气体
C4F7N/N2 ReaxFF?MD decomposition mechanism SF6 alternative gas
In recent years, C4F7N (2, 3, 3, 3?tetrafluoro?2?(trifluoromethyl) propanenitrile) has got extensive attention in the field of alternative gas research due to its excellent insulation and environmental performance. At present, there are few studies on the decomposition characteristics of C4F7N gas mixture,in order to clarify its decomposition characteristics, the decomposition mechanism of C4F7N/N2 gas mixture is studied based on the ReaxFF molecular dynamics method and quantum chemical DFT theory. The gas insulation performance test platform and gas chromatography?mass spectrometry (GC?MS) were also used to detect the decomposition products of C4F7N/N2 gas mixture after multiple frequency breakdown tests. The results show that the main decomposition products of the C4F7N/N2 gas mixture are CF4、C2F6、 C3F8、 CF3CN、C2F4、C3F6 and C2F5CN. Among them, the relative contents of C2F6、CF4 and CF3CN are relatively high. The ReaxFF?MD simulation shows that CF3、CN、F and C3F7 are the four main free radicals produced by C4F7N decomposition. Related research results not only revealed the decomposition mechanism of C4F7N/N2 gas mixture in depth, but also provides an important reference for the engineering application of C4F7N/N2 gas mixture.


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